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Notification required by state

  • Currently 34 states require some level of breast density notification after a mammogram (not including Indiana's law). Please note, not all laws require a patient be informed aboutherown breast density; some laws require only general notification aboutbreast density.
  • 4 states (IL, IN, ME, ND) have efforts for breast density reporting/education that do not require notification.
  • Though some state laws are more similar than others, there is no standard from state-to-state on what patients are told or how patients will be informed.

Insurance Coverage – Denoted by a on the map

  • If there is a state insurance law, are all women covered? NO. A state insurance law does not necessarily apply to all policies within the state. Further, national insurance providers may be exempt from state laws.
  • If there is no state insurance law, or if a plan is exempt from state law, might additional testing be covered? YES. While indicated states have some level of insurance coverage, generally, in other states, additional screening will be covered (subject to deductible/copay) if ordered by a physician.

NOTE: Check with your insurance company regarding details of your coverage.

Interactive map features reporting guidelines by state. Click here for data in TABLE format.

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